Dr.Suresh Sarkar Road

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Alipur, Kolkata, West Bengal

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For Sale (1 Units)  From ₹91 Lac
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Dr.Suresh Sarkar Road

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Alipur, Kolkata, West Bengal
Ready To Move-In
For Sale (1 Units) From ₹91 Lac

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Dr.Suresh Sarkar Road in Alipur, West Bengal

Dr.Suresh Sarkar Road is a condo and apartment project located in Alipur, West Bengal It has units


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West Bengal


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Frequently asked questions

Foreigners can own a condominium Freehold in their own name. Condominium ownership is best explained by looking at an example of a project that has 100 units for sale.

In this example, 49 of the total units in this building (or 49% of the total salable area) can be owned outright by non-thai nationals in their name.  The ownership titles of these 49 units is referred to as Freehold or Foreign Quota. 

This leaves 51 units remaining in the building (or 51% of the total salable). The freehold rights to these units are reserved for Thai nationals in what is commonly referred to as the Thai quota.

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After you have found the right property at Dr.Suresh Sarkar Road you have to follow these steps:

  • - Agreement of terms and conditions
  • - Reservation Agreement
  • - Reservation Deposit
  • - Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • - Settlement & Transfer


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Thailand has different visas like Spousal Visa, Retirement Visa, Student Visa and Elite Visa - just to name a few options. Each visa has different requirements but they are usually easy to obtain.

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